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Who have you been talking to?

How do you get motivated?

You get motivated by talking to people who inspire you.

You get motivated by talking to people who are doing great things with their life.

You get motivated by talking to people who are doing really cool things.

People who are alive.

People who are living their life on their own terms.

People who are following their passion.

Tonight was great – I had a mastermind call with two friends.  First guy was my friend Niall Doherty of Disrupting the Rabblement, who is right now in Budapest, Hungary.  He is traveling the world.  He quit his job in Nov. 2010 and he’s traveling for as long as he wants – maybe in perpetuity.  He is now self-employed, pursuing his passions and helping other people escape mediocrity…oh and did I mentioned he was traveling around the world while doing so.  Check him out!


I got really pumped off the phone call.  We shared some really great knowledge and information about what he’s doing with his website, what I’m doing with my website, and lots of other top secret things I can’t share here ;)

After that at I spoke with my buddy Phil.  Phil has a very, very powerful story.  He is going to be a very big motivational speaker.  He’s doing lots of great things.  Keep on a lookout for Phil.  You will see some more of his stuff in upcoming videos.

The Takeaway

Towards the end of the phone call, Phil to got me inspired to go for a run and I haven not ran for almost a year and I’ve been thinking about it for a long time… “I need to get back in shape, I need to get back into running.”  Towards the end of the phone call, something clicked.  He said something.  It resonated with me.  As soon as we got off the phone call I got out and I went for a run… I do not know how many miles it was – It was al least 3-4 miles and I ran for 39 minutes.  Thanks Phil!

That’s how you get motivated – you talk with people who are going to hold you accountable.  You talk to people who are going to keep you inspired.  You talk to people they themselves are doing inspiring things.  That’s going to get you pumped up. That’s going to get you motivated.  That’s going to take all of your creativity and your ideas and it’s going to ground them into execution and into action.

That’s how you get motivated.

Choose your sphere of influence wisely.

I’m Matt Horwitz & I hope you’re inspired.

Talk to you soon:)

p.s. I hope this post’s quality is okay.. I wrote it in like 5 minutes.. was tired and had to go to bed… goodnight :)

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  1. Excellent post. When you can create excellent posts, fast from the heart, it’s a good sign.

    I couldn’t find out where to leave a comment though lol.

    • Thanks man! Sometimes those are the best post, true! This site has taken the back burner a bit due to another project, but this is where my passion lies. I will change the homepage layout to display one post at a time.. that way it will be easier for people to find the comments section. Thanks for the feedback man !

      • Often their the best posts. When effortless meets genius through inspiration — is my fave way to create :D

        All good man, the people who really want to connect will get here (I did :D), and I’m glad you’re making it easier too.

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