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Same Shit, Different Day

“Same shit, different day”

I know you’ve heard this one before.

If you have – get the hell out!

Seriously, get the hell out!

If you don’t want your life to move forward or progress in any way, then you can stay there – this article isn’t written for you.

Once you run out of things to talk about

You find yourself in a new environment.  Maybe a new job.  Maybe a new project.  Maybe a new social or community circle.

You meet new people.

You talk about your family.

You talk about your past and all the wonderful things you’ve done.

Then… things start to shift..

People start to complain about things, and fuss over small issues.

They begin to talk negatively about others in the group.

Then one day you come in and you see your friends…

You greet them with your usual: “Hey, what’s up!” or “How’s it going!?”

Then, they reply, “same shit, different day.”

These people and this environment are no longer serving you.

Time to get out!


“Same shit, different day” can also be translated into the following sentences:

– “My life has become a monotonus and boring routine.”

– “I am not seeking anything new.”

– “I am no longer interested in learning.”

– “I am not curious about the world.”

– “I don’t see each day as beautiful, miraculous, and whole.”

The more you hear it

The more you hear it, the clearer the message becomes.

It’s time to change.

What you should hear

Now picture this…

You enter a new environment (after you’ve stood up for yourself, overcome some fears, and took action)..

Regardless of how little or how long you’ve been there, in your response to “Hey, what’s up!”, “How’s it going!?”, you hear:

• “I’m great man!  Thanks!  How are you!?”

• “Everyday is beautiful – an opportunity to start fresh!”

• “Any day that I am breathing is a good day :-)”

• “Today is a miracle!  There are so many endless possibilities!”

Surround yourself with your people

These are the people you need to surround yourself with.

Life is always showing us signs and giving us lessons to learn from.

Pay attention,

stay open,

and have the courage to leave an environment that is no longer serving you.

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