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Not everyone will get you


When you are aiming to be a leader and an inspiration – someone who makes a difference in their life, people aren’t going to get you.  And you know what – that’s okay!

If you weren’t a leader, you would be a follower.  Someone who let’s other tell them what to do, where to go, and how to act.

You’re not a follower.  At least I didn’t think you were.

If you are aren’t a follower, then you’re the one person out of 100 going in the opposite direction.  You aren’t doing what everyone else is doing.  You’re not thinking the same thoughts.  You don’t talk about the same crap (pun intended).

You are a trend-setter.  You are a differentiator.  You are a catalyst.  You make shit happen.  You take your priorities and you make them a priority.  You don’t just talk about it.  You get things done and you go after what you want.

Remember the leaders, trend-settings, and people making things happen are usually going in the opposite direction of everyone else.  Until you reach some level of “success”, get interviewed by some newspaper, and package all those golden nuggets into a book of wisdom, they just won’t get it.

And that’s okay.  That’s not what’s important.  What is important, is to realize that they are on their own path doing their own thing.  And you are on yours.

Don’t worry – it’s all good :)  Keep progressing forward.  Keep learning.  Keep growing.  Keep following your passions.

You need to be the brave one to venture off when others are not willing to, so you can have the experiences, learn the lessons, taste the magic, and then come back and tell everyone else what the awesomeness is like.

Keep rockin’ my friends!  You’re doing just fine ;)

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  1. I’ve certainly noticed this for myself. People don’t get me in a lot of ways – friends and family included. The journey can be lonely at times, but knowing that I’m being true makes it worth it, keeps me pushing forward.

    How do I deal with it? I remind myself of my purpose. I reach out to other non-followers, fear-breakers, and freedom fighters. This way, although I do my work by myself, I’m not alone.

    BTW, I love the video – white background, the edits, etc. The sound is pretty good too, which is important. Well done!

    • Ben, I hear you man!! Especially those who knew us when we were younger or who grew up with us… they can sense that we changed, but to them, we’re “weird”. The more we get used to being different, the more authentic we can become. The more authentic we become, the more we will attract like-minded people to help support one another.

      Thanks for the comments on the video too !

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