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Make Excuses for Things You Don’t Want to Do… Not Things You Want to Do

So, last week I posted this photo on facebook:

You can get into a plane and fly anywhere in the world within 24 hours

Then, I got this message from someone:

“Yea, you can do that because you have the time and money!”

Hah!  I have the time and money… no buddy.  You go that one a bit incorrect.

I create the time and money.

Plus… I was taking trips to other countries when I was making less than $18k/year!


I knew what I wanted, and I made it happen.

Simple philosophy.  Not always a simple execution.  But hey, that’s life.

No look, seriously… you need to go after the shit you want you in life.

You need to take your priorities and make them a priority.

Do you know what your priorities in life are?  Do you know what your values are?  If not, I recommend you spend some time there.

And… more importantly,

Make Excuses for Things You Don’t Want to Do… Not Things You Want to Do

If you have an upcoming baby shower you don’t want to go to because your brother-in-law is a dick, then tell them you have to catch up on work.

That one is acceptable.

But saying things like:

  • I don’t have the money.
  • I’ll do that when I have more time.
  • I can’t do that ’cause I have kids.
  • I’m not smart enough.
  • etc,

for things that, deep down, you really want to do…

…man (women too), drop that shit!

It isn’t serving anyone.  Especially not yourself.

Focus on cultivating a healthy mindset, do the work, and watch you life move into a place where you can actually do the things that you really want to.

It’s all starts from a decision to eradicate your shitty beliefs and to start forming a new and healthy mindset.

How to Travel on the Cheap

Do you want to know a simple 2-step formula for how to do anything you want in life?

You ready?

Here it is….

First, Seek.

Then, Look until you find.

Do you know why most people lose?

Well… most people don’t even seek.  How stupid!

But, no, seriously… figure out what you want in life, and then go look for it!


Sure, you’ll have to read books, do hours & hours of research, journal maybe, hire a coach, fly to another city to attend a conference, spend months (and, oh my, even years) growing as a person and learning as much as possible in order to reach your goal…

But what the fuck would you do otherwise?  Watch TV?  Ha!  What a joke!

(Seriously, once you realize how much you can rock life, TV becomes really fucking dumb.)

Oh, and how to travel on the cheap….

Remember the first step?….Seek.

And oh again, side note… when asked why he was so successful, Leonardo da Vince replied that it was his relentless curiosity with the world around him.  Hmm… do you think he was a seeker?  I do.

Okay, back to traveling on the cheap..

Answer:  Google “travel hacking” (or just save some money and buy a damn ticket!)

Here are my top 2 sites to check out on the topic of ‘travel hacking’:

So when people think I have a boat-load of money to go and travel, the real answer is, I don’t (well, more accurately… not yet.  I’m a millionaire in my mind, and my bank account is catching up).

Wow, can I go on a rant.

(isn’t this whole post a rant?)

In all seriousness,

I hope you enjoyed this post.

/end rant.


P.S. So about the whole, “make excuses for things you don’t want to do”…

Yea, I was lying.  Don’t make excuses… at all.  Live life in accordance with your values, and you won’t need to.

P.P.S. The “take your priorities and make them a priority”… I swiped that line from my buddy Scott. It’s a good one.

P.P.P.S. Here’s a talk I gave about “buying the ticket first” in 2011.  (sorry about the poor audio… turn up your speakers): Buy the Ticket First, Ask Questions Later

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  1. Love it. Absolutely freakin’ love it. It’s so true that most of the limitations in people’s lives are hallucinations. Often, we reinforce those hallucinations because they’re tied to an old self-identity that no longer serves us.

    Check this out:

    • Thanks Ben! And well said! I burn and destroy old versions of myself to become newer, greater, and better… on a consistent basis. I find it helps me grow and reach new levels :)

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