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Keys to Stepping onto the Path of Mastery – Inspired by Robert Greene’s New Book [Podcast]

In this podcast I discuss the fastest & most effective ways to step onto your path.

Download this podcast and put it on your phone, computer, music player, or you can just listen below if you have time.

Enjoy :)

Yo Email Readers!: If you don’t see the audio player, here is the download link to the Podcast.


Tweetable Quotes

“Now is the time, more than ever to leverage the information that’s at your fuckin’ fingertips.” (tweet this!)

“If you’re not deeply engaged in what you’re doing, you will burn out.” (tweet this!)

“If you don’t ground the information in your head into physical reality, it’ll fizzle out and be useless.” (tweet this!)

“You must learn before you earn.” (tweet this!)

“Stay on the path of lifelong learning and never-ending growth.” (tweet this!)

“Cliches are really solid advice that people always talk about, but no one does.” (tweet this!)

“Start small.  Expand and follow your passions.” (tweet this!)

Websites, Books and Resources Mentioned:

• Robert Greene’s Book “Mastery” — Get a copy right now! (I bought one today)

Mastery, by Robert Greene

• Marie Forleo’s,

• Emelie Wapnick’s,

• Lewis Howes’s, – He’s got a free class on how to start an online business that starts November 30th, 2012.  Here is the link to the CreativeLive Signup Page.

The 50th Law, by 50 Cent & Robert Greene (I just bought this today as well!)

The 50th Law, 50 Cent and Robert Greene

The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson

The Slight Edge, Jeff Olson

• Some photos from my trip to Israel (this happened because I followed my curiosity)

VLC Player – (I use this to speed up audio & video)


If I’m just listening to audio, I increase the speed to 1.5x.  If I have the physical or digital book along with the audio, I increase the audio to 2x.  Not only can I read the book in 1/2 time, but my comprehension and retention are higher.

How to Win Friends & Influence People, by Dale Carnegie

How to Win Friends & Influence People, by Dale Carnegie

How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci, by Michael Gelb

How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci

Outliers: The Story of Success, by Malcom Gladwell

Outliers- The Story of Success

Some of my Digital Mentors & Friends (people I learn from & model)


Steven PressfieldSeth Godin, Neill Strauss, Robert Kiyosaki, Robert Greene, and more.

• You can see all my book recommendations here.


Ajahn Brahm, Jerry & Ester Hicks, Brian Weiss, Penache Desai, Wayne DyerKrishna DasRam DassDeva Premal & MitenGabby BersteinMastin KippVishen LakhianiErika AwakeningDan MillmanBrian Johnson, John DeMartini, Eckhart Tolle.

Business, Marketing, Internet Business

Tim Ferriss, Eben Pagan, Brendon BurchardMike KoenigsWelly MuliaKevin RoseAndrew WarnerDavid Siteman GarlandRyan DiessFrank KernRand FishkinNoah KaganNeville MedhoraMike DillardJoe PolishDean JacksonCorbett Barr, Justin Lukasavige, James Wedmore, Miguel Hernandez, Wistia, Derek HalpernChris PearsonGary VauynerchukTed Nicholas.

Motivation & Personal Development, Philosophy

Jacob SokolSteve PavlinaSean StevensonMichael & Claudia GoodBrett NapoliBrian ThompsonJosh LipovetskyJason FoncecaJonathan Budd, Brian Tracy, Napoleon Hill, Bruce Lee, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar.

Travel & Lifestyle Design

Raam DevNiall DohertyBenjamin JenksWandering EarlScott BrillsWarren & Betsy TalbotSean OgleChris Guillebeau.


Karl Taylor

Hope you can tell I like to learn!  There are tons more!  There are also the hundreds, if not thousands of youtube videos I’ve watched.  Keep learning my friends!  And hit me up for any recommendations for great content.

Video on Discovering Your Values & Purpose

I did this exercise the day prior to shooting this video when I saw Dr. John DeMartini speak live in Miami.

The guy is an incredible speaker!  His brain and ideas are flowing so fast, and his info was so raw and honest, I was completely blown away.  Here is the website link that goes into further explanation of the video below: Value Determination Exercise.

Uncovering and Aligning with Your Values

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I'm a location-independent entrepreneur, passionate about life-long learning & personal development. Co-founder @ LLC University. Spiritual vantage point. Systems-thinker. Read more about me here: More details.

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  1. Duuuude! Awesome post! Just awesome!

    I loooove the multi-media feel to it.

    I love and know tons of the ppl you mentioned, and a few I dont ;)

    I love that I was mentioned :P

    I love that you’re quoting rappers (Gang Starr is an old school classic lol)

    Keep ryzin’!

    • Thanks J!!! Diggin’ the love!

      I first learned about the deep study of successful peeps, such as rap artists, from you :) Then after hearing Robert Greene speaking about his experience with 50 Cent, I was really intrigued!

      LOL – Gang Starr… used to have their CDs ;)

      How could I not mention you, the philosophizing producer dropping wisdom left and right!?

      I love that your fire rubs off on others man… it’s spreads through the interwebs ;)

      Keep ryzin! Keep rockin’!

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