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Just because you have a camera…


Just because you have a camera, doesn’t mean you’re a photographer.

Just because you have a blog, doesn’t mean you’re a writer.

Just because you have a guitar, doesn’t mean you’re a musician.

Just because you have a boat, doesn’t mean you’re a sailor.

Just because you have an online store, doesn’t mean you have a business.

Many of us expect to have results just because we have the tools.

Just because you have a sword, should you go to battle?

Sounds silly.

It’s rarely about the tools.

It’s about the person who yields the tool.

Use the tools to learn the craft.

Don’t be fooled by tools.

They are just an extension of you.

They are used to express your skills.

Dig deep into your subject matter.

Study its underpinnings.

Learn the foundational elements.

How well do you know your craft?


This is not intended to “shut down” your desires. Not at all.

Just an idea to think about…

Dig deep into your craft. Really understand it. Experience it.

Let the tools be an amplification of the master who is behind them.

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