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How to Store, Manage, & Backup Your Data So You Can Travel Around The World Without Worrying if Your Computer Gets Lost or Stolen

Key Takeaways

• 100% of harddrives fail.

• Setup a repeating calendar reminder for your regular backups.

• Buy new drives every 2-5 years.


I recommend going with the Western Digital “portable” harddrives.  I’d go with a 1TB or 2TB (1 terabyte = 1,000 gigabytes).  You may need more.  You may need less.  It depends on your lifestyle, your business, your info, etc.

Here are the links to the products that I use and you saw in the video.

Western Digital My Passport Essential – (1 TB)


western digital 1tb external harddrive

Western Digital My Passport – (2 TB)

western digital 2tb portable harddrive

Harddrive Carrying Cases

Western Digital My Passport Carrying Case – (Soft)

Western Digital My Passport Carrying Case

Case Logic Portable EVA Hard Drive Case – (Regular)

Case Logic Portable EVA Hard Drive Case

Western Digital WD Nomad Rugged Case – (Durable)

Western Digital WD Nomad Rugged Case

Fireproof & Waterproof Safe

SentrySafe H2300 Fire-Safe & Waterproof Chest – (0.36 Cubic Foot)

SentrySafe H2300 Fireproof and Waterproof safe

Properly Formatting Your New Harddrives

Click below to watch a video where I show you how to format a harddrive (MAC users only) for MS-DOS FAT32.

[wpspoiler name=”Click Here to Learn How To Format External Hard Drive To FAT32 (For Mac)” style=”wpui-sevin”]


Bonus Video

[wpspoiler name=”Click Here to Learn How To Make Your External Hard Drive Searchable (For Mac)” style=”wpui-sevin”]


If You Are a Windows User

1. Why haven’t you switched to a MAC?

2. Sorry I don’t have a video tutorial for you – try these videos on how to properly format your harddrive.

Note: all the drives I mentioned above work on both a Windows and a Mac machine.

Common Excuses for Not Backing Up Data (don’t make these!)

• “I’m too busy.”

My reply: Bullshit!

• “I don’t know how.”

My reply: I just showed you.

• “My computer won’t crash.”

My reply: Dude, you don’t know what’s will happen tomorrow.

• “It’s expensive!” (the dumbest excuse)

My reply: Realize the real costs man. It’s like stupid people claiming that’s expensive to eat healthy.  No, it’s actually not.  What’s expensive is being 60 years old, unable to work, with medical bills out the wazoo.

We’re humans and sometimes we’re dumb.  We can’t grasp long-term benefits very easily & we only think very short-term.

Adopt a long-term strategy for success as well as a more light, manageable  scalable, minimalistic  and safe  – and backup your shit man!

“Yea Matt, Sounds Good and All, But Do I Really Need To?”

Yes, dumb ass – you do.

I don’t care if you follow my method or not, but you should definitely back your shit up!

All Kidding Aside ;)

I hope the information & video above are helpful for you!

Leverage technology & design your ideal digital lifestyle!

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  1. Do you encrypt your files to your external hard drive or not?
    Do you use it just for backup or to keep all your data?

    I am out of space on my laptop so I’m thinking of buying a 1TB external hard drive but not sure how to use it.

    Is zipping and backing up a good idea or just copy pasting?
    External Hard drive might also crash, so I guess we’re not 100% safe.

    • Hey Manish! Encryption would be a good idea. I don’t do that right now. Do you have a video tutorial you know of that shows how to do that on a mac?

      I use the external drive for both keeping all my data and backing it up. I look at it like this… if someone steals my computer, or it breaks, I still have my data on my external harddrive. I have 2 drives. One “main” drive, and one “backup”. Once a month I delete all the contents on the backup drive and copy and paste the main drive to it. I don’t do a zip.

      I keep the backup in a safe (I need to get a waterproof and fireproof one).

      If I really wanted to be safe, I could 1 “main” drive, and 2 “backups”. I could also put data in the could, but I have over 1.5TB currently.

      Let me know if you have any other questions man.

      • //Do you have a video tutorial you know of that shows how to do that on a mac?//

        Here’s the video tutorial for encription:

        This is by far the best tutorial I’ve found for encrypting data in Mac. There’s a link in the description of the video to download TrueCrypt the software to encrypt data.

        //I use the external drive for both keeping all my data and backing it up.//

        What do you mean by backing up? Previously you said that you just copy paste everything to your external hard drive. Did you mean the same thing by backing up?

        The problem for me is that I don’t have any hard disk space left on my laptop so I’ll be using external hard drive as space extender i.e. to keep all the files which doesn’t fit in my laptop.

        So if my external hard drive gets lots then I’m screwed because I don’t have it’s backup.

        • Great video! Thanks!

          Yes, sorry… by backing up, I mean copy and paste. I keep all of my information on one external harddrive and once a month I copy and paste everything to another external harddrive. I don’t keep any files on my machine in case it is ever lost, stolen, or damaged.

          You’ll need to get 2 external drives. One to keep all the files, and another to copy and paste everything to for your “backup”. Hope that makes sense :)

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