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Are You Committed to Growth?

I want to give a shout out to one of my readers, Shaun Sandal.

A few months ago, Shaun began watching some of my youtube videos and he was really inspired.

He left me a number of comments, and even sent some messages telling me how he had been taking action in his life, and making positive changes.

He had told me he was planning on getting a tattoo stating “I’m committed to growth”.

I thought, “Sure man, sounds good” (not thinking it would actually happen).

Then, to my surprise, I got this comment on youtube:

Youtube Comment_Shaun Sandals

Then, Shaun emailed me this bad-ass photo:

Tattoo - Shaun Sandals

Artist: Aaron Lee

Maybe a tattoo isn’t your thing…

So what.

What can you do in your life to become more committed to your growth and development?

How can you remind yourself of your significance?

I’m sure many of us will be thinking, “Wow!  How can I step up more in my life?”

Thanks for the inspiration Shaun!

Keep rockin’!

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  1. Thanks Matt for posting. This will help me a lot. All thanks to you. Thank you for everything!

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