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4 Beautiful Mantras

Do you listen to kirtan/mantras? They are powerful and very beautiful…

Here are 4 of my favorite right now… (email readers, click through for videos)

I’m jamming out to this right now, Samrath Guru, by Nirinjan Kaur:

(I especially love from 5:10 onwards. I’ve had it on repeat about 8 times now!)

Om Hari Om (Sharnam Ganesha), by Sean Johnson + The Wild Lotus Band

Adi Shankti, by Nirinjan Kaur

Sat Siree Siree Akaall – Beyond Death, by Snatam Kaur

I found Kirtan many years ago and it has a special and powerful place in my life.

I discover most of these songs from the following Pandora stations: Deva Premal, Krishna Das, and Snatam Kaur :)


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