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Sharpening & Swinging Your Sword

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Your Sword

If you want to step up and live your life in accordance with your values, your desires and your goals; imagine yourself as a warrior with a sword.

There’s always two things you need to be doing…

You need to be sharpening your sword, and you need to be swinging your sword.

Sharpening Your Sword

I think of this as reading more books.

Building your awareness.

Increasing your intelligence.

Honing your craft.

Swinging Your Sword

Just as important, you need to be out there and you need to be swinging your sword.

If you’ve received your sword in life, and you’re afraid to go to battle because you’re sword is not as sharp as you think it needs to be, if you’re not as confident as you think you need to be, if you’re not as ready as you think you need to be, I encourage you to get out there and just swing your sword anyway.

You need that experience.

You need that context.

Who’s Going To Be More Motivated?

There’s two warriors… one who has seen battle, and one who has not.

Who is going to be more motivated to sharpen their sword?

The guy who’s been out there.

The guy who swung it.

The guy who’s taken action.

The guy who has context.

He’s more motivated because he has more logical reasoning to do so.

If you’ve been given your sword in life, if you know what you need to do, and you don’t think you’re ready, or confident enough, I want to get out there and swing your sword anyway.

A warrior with a sharp sword, with no experience swinging is just as dead.

Again, if you don’t think that you’re ready enough, I want you to swing that sword, even if it’s dull.

Even even if it’s not as sharp as you think it’s going to be…

Because it’s going to build that experience for you.

It’s going to develop your arm muscles.

It’s going to develop your core.

It’s going to develop your ‘spacial kinesthetic awareness’ of how to move this object and your body within the world.

Then when you come back to the shop, you actually need to sharpen your sword, because you know you’re going to be going back out there.

Ebb and Flow

Don’t swing a dull sword forever.

And don’t spend your time in the shop, sharpening your sword forever.

Be doing both.

There’s going to be an ebb and flow to it, the pendulum will swing back and forth.

Keep a balance.

Sharpen your sword…

Increase your awareness…

Always be learning…

Always be filling yourself with knowledge, awareness, information, intelligence.

But get out there and swing that sword too. Get out there and fight in the real world. Get the experience.

Both of these together are a key component to your success.

Keep in rockin’.

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