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Quit already! what are you waiting for?

If you’re not absolutely passionate about what you’re doing, Quit!

Yes – you heard me correctly… quit!

Life is too short to do something you hate.  The changes that are taking place on this planet and the exponential growth of the information age are gold mines for those willing to dig deep.

What benefits are you talking about Matt?

Great question – here are 3 solid points:

1. You can pretty much with the click of a mouse, a few key strokes, and half of a brain figure out how to do almost pretty much anything.

For example, I upgraded the RAM in my computer the other day.  What did I do?  I went online, watched a video about the best ram for my computer, ordered the ram, then watched another video after it arrived and installed it myself in less than 5 minutes… my computer is now twice as fast (in terms of RAM).  Not the most robust answer, but you get the point.

How about the high school student who took a 1988 Porsche and converted in into a car that ran on vegetable oil and left no carbon foot print?  He bought all the parts and learned how to do the work himself over the Internet.  The bigger the project, the longer the research.

2. Things that were in accessible are now accessible all over the world.

I can skype with my cousin in Argentina, I can build a business with partners in the Philippines, and I can build relationships with people who are thousands of miles away.  You can learn from and connect with the world.  Opportunities are everywhere!

3. I can teach the world what I know

All I have to do is take out my flip cam, my point and shoot, or my laptop, record a video with great helpful content, upload it to the internet, and now there are potentially millions of people who can learn from me.  Don’t get me started on this one.  Ever heard of the online information publishing business or digital media.  It’s kind of a big thing.

These are only 3 points that I just rather quickly thought of.  I’m literally in my car right now (In a parking lot of course) thinking of these things on the fly.

In short, I am telling you to believe.  Believe in yourself and believe in taking action and doing the things that will bring you closer to living a life that is aligned with your highest values [LINK].  Time will go by anyway, so you might as well learn how to design your life in a way that will ultimately make you the happiest.  If you’re not doing something you’re absolutely passionate about, quit.

If you already are – my hats off to you ;)

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