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Watch Your Words: Hard vs. Challenging

Matt Horwtiz, Luquillo, Puerto Rico - 2009
Luquillo, Puerto Rico – 2009

The words you and I speak reflect our beliefs… mostly unconscious.

Most people are not aware of what comes out of their mouth.  Therefore, they are not aware of their life-directing beliefs.

Our language can be a guide, a stepping stone to growth.

When you pay close attention to what you say, you can find things in your psyche that need adjusting.

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Take for example the word “hard”.

Many find that they use the word “hard” too often… and in doing so, are damaging their personal growth.

“Hard” is rigid, stuck in place, immovable.

When we tell ourselves that something is “hard”, we really shut ourselves off to the potential of it happening.

Even if it’s not what we want, the unconsious seeks to make it true in our experience.

The unconscious isn’t good or bad.  It simply does what it’s told.

Imagine a friend tells you the following:

“It’s hard to learn another language.”

“It’s hard to find people who are into the same things I am.”

“It’s hard to find work that connects with my passions.”

How do those feel?

They felt pretty shitty, right?  Exactly.

That person has no interest in even trying.  They simply think “that’s the way it is” & “there’s nothing I can do about it“.

Now, see how these feel:

“It’s challenging to learn another language.”

“It’s challenging to find people who are into the same things as I am.”

“It’s challenging to find work that connects with my passions.”

They feel possible, don’t they?

Our attitude changes: “Yes, it’s challenging, but I’m going to make it happen!”

“Challenging” is approachable, attainable, something to work towards.

Plus, challening things, once learned over time, become easier.

In the past, it used to be hard for me to find people who shared similar interests… I decided to make it a challenge instead.

Once I changed my beliefs & I started taking action, then gradually over time, I cut out people who didn’t align with my values and I began seeking out positive people that I wanted in my life.

Remember, hard things usually remain hard.  Challenging things can be conquered.

Practice removing “hard” from your speech and replace it with “challenging”.

With effort, you’ll remove a shitty belief from your system and replace it with an empowering one.

Then, allow the unconsoiucs to help guide you in making those statements true…

But don’t forget the second half of the equation: you must take action.

Be patient… the results speak for themselves.

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  1. Good thoughts here, Matt. I’ve been interested in this concept since I read Tim Ferriss’s post “The 10 Most Common Words You Should Stop Using Now” (here:

    Words most certainly reflect and effect our inner thinking.

    • For me, I think of speech as constant “freudian slips”, or rather, a lens into the subconscious… so I’m always paying attention to what comes out of my mouth.

      If I realize that it’s a shitty belief, then I start to speak differently and allow time to do its thing.

      That’s a good list by Tim. “Success” and “happiness” are good words to either avoid, or create our own definition for. I’m pretty sure I have a good definition of “success” for myself, but I’ll be honest… I have little idea of what “happiness” really means yet… it’s quite an ambiguous word.

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