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The Paradox of Productivity – Set Massive Goals, Yet Be Easy On Yourself If You Don’t Reach Them

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After not having a great start with my routine today, I was reminded that yea, it’s important to set really big goals, but at the same time – to go easy on yourself.

We need to work on accepting, appreciating, and valuing who we are – rather than always thinking “oh, I’m so lazy”, “I never get shit done”, “I’m such an unproductive person”, etc.

It’s about meshing the practical nitty-gritty HUSTLE with the buddha-like acceptance of ourselves and “practicing” detaching from the outcome.

Don’t get too high when you’re up and don’t get too low when you’re down.

Ride the ebb and flow, hustlin’ & being lazy, striving for big goals, yet being easy on ourselves.

These are the great paradoxes of productivity.

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  1. I talked about this with Benjamin Jenks of a month or two ago, and we reached a similar conclusion.

    I find it interesting that the paradoxes of productivity aren’t taught in school, instead the environment is setup to encourage laziness, skipping and not getting anything done, or hyper-pressured ‘brainers’ and ‘brown-nosers’ and ‘geeks’.

    I used to hate it, but now I feel there’s a bigger reason the system is like that — it creates posts like this one.

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