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Stop Living in Hope, and Start Living in Reality !



Video Transcript:

You need to stop living in hope and start living in reality. Hey folks, Matt Horwitz, – I hope you’re doing well.

Today’s message is about the importance of not living in your head. We’re here on this rock, floating in space, it’s in the physical form, with physical stuff – you have to do physical things to get the results you want.

Now, just like many things, there’s multiple contradictions, or, let’s say a paradox. You know… being calm, yet aggressive. In this case, it’s good to be in your head, to visualize, to journal – to put yourself in that emotional state, of that, mmmm…. you know, you can really see it, and you can really visualize your goals and you’re really there. You have this grandiose vision. That’s great, but you can’t live there.

You want to spend some time there, but you need to live in reality. You need to live in getting things into physical form, into results, into taking action. You need to stop living in hope, and you need to live in reality.

Too many people get suckered into the belief that if they just think, that it is just going to happen, and NO, that’s not the case! Yes, when you think it you’re going to create opportunities, and ideas, and a lot of great… you know, warm and fuzzy – and I’m not saying that to knock it down, because I’m a big proponent of visualization and things of that sort. But you can’t live in that space.

You want to visit there, but you need to spend the majority of your time in, you know, grinding down and just putting the hours, putting in the work, and putting in the sweat, because.. success is over-glorified. Success is not this, boom, this great idea, and then it just happens. Success is YEARS of WORK. YEARS of WORK. Yes, planning and things of that sort, but again, coming back to – you gotta stop living in hope and start living in reality.

Write down your goals, your vision, visualize it, make a video, do whatever you have to do, and then think about the next action step you need to take – that can be the smallest thing. You don’t build some big enormous thing. Lay the first brick, send the first email, shoot the first video, write the first sentence, take that first initial step.

Make your goals a reality by living in reality. Not living in hope.

Hope you guys are inspired, I’ll talk to you soon, and in the meantime, keep rockin’, and what’s the takeaway, what’s the one thing you can do TODAY that will take you closer to your goals?


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  1. Thanks for the challenge, Matt! Keep rockin’ it.

  2. I’m definitely challenging myself. Awesome video.. I always say ” hope is paralyzing” .

    • So true – hope can definitely be paralyzing! People shouldn’t confuse hope with faith in this context, as having faith is important. Hoping it like sitting on your ass and doing nothing. Taking action and having faith in yourself and your vision is where it’s at :)

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