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Stop Giving Away Your Power!

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>> MATT: Hey folks! what’s happening? Hope you’re well.

Did you ever hear somebody tell you this? “Oh yeah, but he’s so talented” or, but you know “you’re young that’s why you can do that,” or “you’re old that’s why you can do that,” or “you have money that’s why you can do that,” or “you have blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, that’s why you can do this and this and that.”

Do you know what happens when people do that, do you know what’s really taking place? They’re giving their power away. Right?

Listen up, don’t give your fucking power away. Stop making up excuses about “oh, this person can do that.” It’s not that you’re making up excuses and such, it’s that you’re giving yourself an excuse to not do something that somebody else was able to do.

Look, I don’t care where somebody is located, how old they are, how successful, unsuccessful, how creative, how analytical, how whatever they are – if somebody else has done something – I don’t give a shit what you think or where you are, you can do it too!

And if you don’t think you can, it’s because you’re attaching yourself to a limiting belief, and if you really want to keep it, I’ll let you keep your limiting belief, but I tell you, you can probably do a lot better if you drop it and work on your mindset.

Because I guarantee you, if you’re telling me this person can do it because they got more money, because they’re stronger, because they’re bigger, they’re taller, they’re skinnier, they’re whatever, right?

What was I just saying about that point…

Don’t give your power to that. Don’t give your power to those excuses because I guarantee you, I guarantee you, I can find somebody out there who’s in a worse situation than you are and they fuckin’ made it happen. They made it happen.

Do you know why?

Probably because they worked on their mindset, probably because they changed their beliefs and started to read information and hangout with people who supported their values.

Probably because they decided to look into what they’re values were. Instead of always comparing themselves to other people and making up excuses why they can’t do this and they can’t do that.

I’m walking past this really cool building and there’s this really – “aaawww hello kitty”… never mind… he’s scared – so that’s pretty much just my little thought here.

Don’t give your power away. Don’t give your power away.

Humans inherently all have similar and intrinsic characteristics, traits etc. And never be envious or jealous of somebody else. You know how you reframe that? You be fuckin’ inspired. And you change your mind set to say “Hey, if they did that? I can do that!”


Albert Einstein is probably not much different than you? Except that he just decided to change his thoughts, his beliefs, his attitudes, and then start taking action in that direction, and what happened? The compound effect, like that happens with everything.

You give it time, you keep doing it, it becomes more and more powerful… it just basically, it’s a multiplier.

And you can have a multiplier in the negative direction, or a multiplier in the positive direction because there’s plenty of people I know who are like in their forty’s and their fifty’s, or whatever age, thirties, sixty’s, seventy’s, eighty’s, maybe you’re ninety years old, right?

And they still think that “life is hard” or “you can do that because you’re young”… you know what, and they’ve been hanging to that belief so long. And again, if you really want to hang on to your limiting beliefs, if you really want to argue against yourself, I mean keep it if you want.

It’s fucking stupid in my opinion but you’re free to do whatever you want, but if you’ve listened this far, maybe something makes sense. Maybe you should stop giving your power away and start thinking about how you can generate power. How you can tweak your mindset just a little bit, right?

Think about it… a ship going east if it changes its direction one degree, it’s going to end up in a very different place, 2,000 miles from now. Small changes always lead to big changes.

If you can steer the direction of your attitude just a degree or two in a different direction, my friends, in a few years that will make the fuckin’ difference between you enjoying and living the fantastic life, or you being like those negative, miserable person that nobody wants to hang around.

So, stop giving your power away. Stop making up excuses for why you can’t do something and somebody else could and never be envious or jealous of what somebody else did and only be inspired.

And then because they did it, create the mindset that ,“damn, if someone else can do it, I can do it too”.

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    Brilliant. Your recordings are so inspiring Matt, and I love the raw presentation! Thanks.

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