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Skydiving at the mall – [comfort challenge]


Video Transcript:

What’s happening folks? Matt Horwtiz –

The comfort challenge I’m about to do is not to be a dick. It’s to break societal conditioning and to step outside of the norm.

I call this “skydiving”.

[Walking over to vending machine]

This is pretty high.

[Climbs on top of vending machine and lays down in skydive mode]

See, you just skydive these objects!

[Continues skydiving] [wind noises]

And then you check your altimeter to see how high you are. Oh wow, I’m at 4,000 feet.

[Continue skydiving] [people around are watching] (this is in a mall, by the way)

[Now standing on top of the vending machine]

And the reason you do things like this is you stand up and you say, I am Matt Horwitz, and I hope you’re inspired to break social norms, to step outside your comfort zone, and to follow your passions. Talk to you guys soon.

[Jumps off vending machine] [onlooker shouts “Yeah!”]

{End of video}


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  1. That was freaking EPIC, man. Wow. :)

  2. Just saw this. Love it, man! Keep breaking those social norms.

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