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Right Your Wrongs & Release the Emotional Baggage – Why I Paid Someone $500 For Slashing Their Truck Tires 7 Years Ago

Funny, Look What Happened When I Finished Shooting the Video

After I shot the video, I decided to watch it on my camera… standing outside.  I left my car lights on while the car was turned off.

I get back in and tried to start the car – battery’s dead.

I called my brother.

“Yo Rob, do you have any jumper cables?”


I realized that this was karma and that I had to walk home.

It was cold and dark night.  The road was long and not a very safe to walk on.  Cars go 45-60 mph (70-100 kph) and at times, there wasn’t always a shoulder to walk on.

Details of the “Karma Walk”

Total distance: 4.1 miles (6.56 km)

Total Time: 1 hour, 25 minutes

Outside Temperature: 42º F (6º C)

Have a quick listen below.  I made a mini-podcast explaining how ironic this was and discussing how I decided I would take a ride home from anyone, even I was offered one.

Philosophizing During My Walk

The sayings and ideas below were all taken from my audio recorder during the walk.  I had a lot of time to think about life and “philosophize” about things.

• “I’m walking down a long road on a cold, dark winter night.  But hey, at least the roads are paved.”

• “Any ‘negative’ situation can be re-framed into a positive one.”

• “Of the dozens of cars that have passed me, nobody has stopped yet to offer me a ride.  But I guarantee you, there’s been many who think about pulling over, but are too afraid.  People are taught to live their life out of fear.  If they only knew.”

• “If I walk down a road I don’t normally walk down, I see things I wouldn’t normally see.  What other roads can I walk down in my life?”

•”I peer into the window of a nearby house and watch as a women cleans her dishes.  It looks warm and cozy inside.  I wonder what she’s thinking.  I hope she’s living a good life.”

• “People use the word fearlessness.  But can you really eliminate fear?  I don’t think so.  If you talk of no fear, then you talk of no growth.”

• “You laugh now at my silly actives; such as runing in my underwear, laying down in public, and pushing myself into uncomfortable situations.  You laugh now, but come with me…  let’s travel to another country, let’s go to a social event.  You’ll see that we live two very different lives.  One, in which fear causes the individual to seek growth, and the other, where fear cause the individual to crumble.”

• “I don’t care if other people think I look stupid in what I do.  I do what’s right for me.  I follow my gut.  I live my fuckin’ life.”

• “People may not like you for being honest, but they’ll respect you.”

• “Speaking the truth can be difficult.  But once you do it, it frees you.”

• “What am I really afraid of?  My authentic self.”

Which one above is your favorite?  Let me know in the comment section below!

I Made It Home

Look at all the things I learned in just a few hours :)

I’ll purchase jumper cables tomorrow.

Make sure you buy a set.  Here’s a link: Jumper Cables

Look around you.  Life is a great teacher.  Make sure you’re paying attention.

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  1. Congrats Matt, this took a lot of courage. It was the right decision, you can now leave these negative feelings behind you. Its so true the things we are afraid of are the things we most need to do.

    • Thanks Bryan! I knew for years it was the right thing to do. I’m glad I just didn’t mail him an apology letter.

      Walking into his work place and speaking with him face to face was 50x more powerful.

      This was one of the most challenging things I’ve done… I’m so happy I’ve been able to build up my courage to be able to do something like this.

      So true man… I ask myself often, “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

      The more I learn & evolve, the more I realize fear is a gift. Instead of resisting it, we can flow with it, channel it, integrate it, and then break through our old “shit” and grow !

  2. The beard is awesome!!!!

  3. Good job. Isn’t it amazing the body chemistry related to our emotions, talk a out a mind body connection! And the thing is you will never have to guilt trip yourself over this again. It frees you brain for more useful and prosperous thoughts. Job well done.

    • Yes, the body chemistry is amazing! It reflects so much energy coming to the surface… so much crap we need to break through and transmute.

      I do feel “lighter” now that I’ve done this, as well as two more “coming clean” acts… which I’ll be writing about soon. I feel great having done these.

      Thanks for the kind words :)

      I think you’ll like what Josh has to say in this video with Marie. He does a lot of body-mind connection healing:

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