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Ownership & The Power of Investing in Yourself – (motivating podcast)

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Investing in ourselves via podcasts, blogs, audiobooks, seminars, and traveling is the best thing we can do for ourselves.

Think about this…. everyone in life desires certain things & experiences… to be more healthy, to have an impact in the world, to travel & explore, to start something meaningful, to make more money, to have awesome & fulfilling relationships, etc…

What too many fail to realize is that the vehicle responsible for attaining all of this, the machine that will do the actions necessary to attain the results, the brain responsible for consuming new information, retaining it, and then making use of it, is, well… it’s us!

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When you invest in yourself via “education” (self-education I’m talking here), growth & development, you are building the most powerful sports car, the most adaptable & sponge-like brain, the strongest machine.

Regardless of external experiences, like how big your muscles are, or how big your bank account is, there are so many ways in which we can build ourselves up.

And i’m not talking a temporary, pump-some-iron-in-the-gym type build.

I’m talking about a rock-solid foundation from which we can operate our lives out of.  I’m talking about an unshakable calm, and complete self-reliance in this world.

If you don’t take ownership for everything in your life, a part of you is owned by somebody else.

It’s imperative to own your time.  Own your work.  Own your ideas.  Own your education.

It’s time to step the fuck up in your life.

By adopting ownership and understand the power of investing in ourselves, we can, with time, develop an overall emotional well being, a mental calm & clarity, and an insane ability to accomplish whatever we set our sights on.

Too many fall victim to chasing short-term benefits, rather that sticking to long-term thinking.

It’s short-term pain vs. long-term pain.

If you avoid your current reality, therefore avoiding short-term pain (the ability to grow), you inevitably will live a miserable life of long-term pain.

One the other hand, if you deal with the short-term pain (the “struggle”), and you move through it, you’ll be able reap the long-term benefits.

Build Your Root System First

We first must improve the internal and then we will see “success” in the external.

Success” leaves clues.  I follow these clues, and then I leave clues for you.

Check out my resource page.

Listen to more audiobooks.

Travel more.

Quiet your noisy-ass brain.

Observe the universe and things around you.

Study people.

And most importantly, study yourself.  And never stop.

Make the world your playground, and soak up all its cosmic knowledge.

Keep filling yourself up with information & experience and 10 years from now (remember, long-term thinking), you’ll look back and laugh.

Laugh with joy & appreciation.

People will question how you got to where you are, how you have so much “success”, how you’re so emotionally balanced, how you’re able to get so much done, how you’re so healthy, etc…

… and you’ll look back on your life and smile at your younger self for remaining on your path… your hustle, your growth, your development.

Boom !!  I choose to stay on my path because I know what this investment will mean in the future.

Too many people just want short-term results, but they end up in long term pain.  Rather, let’s deal with the “struggle”, the “pain”, and go after the long-term results.

It might not be the easiest right now, but in due time we will reap the benefits.

Cliches are powerful – “You reap what you sow.”

Let’s sow some good shit & let’s keep rockin’ this, for the long term !

Our future selves will thank us for it ;)


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Books mentioned: The Tao of Leadership, by John Heider



Shout out: Thanks Steph for the inspiration!  I took one of our email conversations and expanded upon it.  Peeps, make sure you surround yourself with like-minded & like-hearted people.

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