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never change who you are because someone else has a problem with it

never change who you are becuase someone else has a problem with it


Never change who you are becuase someone else has a problem with it!  What a powerful statement!  Why do we care so much about what others think of us ?

It’s fear of criticism.

It’s fear of embarrassment.

It’s fear of being judged.

It’s a lot of fears.

Deep down.  It’s a fear of us not accepting who we are, and just being cool with that.

Look.  If you subordinate your values and your life to someone else’s plan, you are going to have a shitty time living your life.  You are going to die.  Yes, you will die.  Do you think you won’t?  Everyone dies.  It’s just that not everyone chooses to really live their life.  Before you leave this earth you are going to look back on your life and you are either going to be happy with what you did, or you are going to be upset and mad at yourself for all of the things you didn’t do.  Those things you didn’t do because you were afraid.. because you were afraid of what others thought.. because you were afraid to let yourself shine.  DON’T LET YOURSELF DO THAT!

You need to do you!  You need to listen to your inner voice.  You need to learn to trust yourself.  Yes, it can take time to learn how to do that.  Just start small.  If someone asks you to do something, but you feel you should not… don’t think about it!  Don’t care what others will think about you!  You HAVE TO DO YOU!

It’s said time and time again: “follow your bliss”, “follow your passion”, “follow your heart”.  Do you think the wisdom that comes from the thinkers, creators, and philosophers from hundreds, and even thousands of years ago is said for no reason ??


These guys (and gals) knew what was up!

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where only walls existed.”
-Joseph Campbell

If someone pokes fun at you, or if a group of people don’t understand you, or they think you are funny or they think you are different… 1 – you need to friends, and 2 – YOU ARE!  You are different.  You don’t fit in.  WHY?  Because you don’t follow the masses.  You are a conscious grower!  You know you are here to learn, to expand, and to experience.




You should put the last sentence above on your bathroom mirror and read that to yourself everyday!  Seriously.  Do it!  It will help :-)

We all need these reminders sometimes ;)

Remember… don’t ever not be who you are because someone has issues with it.  Let yourself shine !

Be bold my friends!  Break through your fears!  Make a difference!  And help others do the same!

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