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Life is Short, Live Your Dream – with Warren & Betsy Talbot

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Check out Warren & Betsy’s latest book, “Dream, Save, Do“!

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Or, swing by their blog, Married With Luggage !

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Other Items Mentioned…

• The Matrix

• “Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer

• “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki

• “The Tao of Leadership” by John Heider

Books that inspired/influenced me

keys to successKey Takeaways…

• Look for opportunities in life, put yourself out there and ask good questions.

• When you get rid of clutter, you can fill that space with new experiences.

• A dream without a deadline is dead.

• Enlist others in your goals to help you through the ups and downs.

• The more you talk about your dreams the more they become real.

• There is great power in self-directed education and life-long learning.

• Do you want to live a life that in constructed by other people and you play by those rules, or do you want to make your own rules in life?

Until next time, keep rockin’ !

-Matt Horwitz and Warren & Betsy Talbot

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I'm a location-independent entrepreneur, passionate about life-long learning & personal development. Co-founder @ LLC University. Spiritual vantage point. Systems-thinker. Read more about me here: More details.

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