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Important Stuff – It’s Time To Step The Fuck Up!

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I just got an email from someone I used to work with:

“Hey Stranger. How are you. I see your in Florida now. I want your life. You travel so much. What’s your secret?”

My reply was this: 

Simple secret: I figure out what my values are and I make it a priority to create a life around them. I direct my education and consume helpful information. I face fears and push myself to grow.

All the info is out there to learn anything we want. Always work on yourself. Inner success is the key to the outer :)


I Thought I’d Add A Few More Things…

1. I don’t fuck around… I know my time here is limited.  I want to learn, grow and experience as much as possible.

2. I read a lot of books.

3. I consume a lot of educational and inspirational content: documentaries, audiobooks, podcasts, newsletters, blogs, etc.

4. I attend seminars, events, retreats, expos, conferences, masterminds and I create meetup groups around topics of interest.

5. I travel often.  Putting myself in new environments where I’m forced to adapt pushes me to evolve.

6. I also meet lots of people and I’m constantly exposed to new ideas and new ways of living.

7. I realize that most people live in a fuckin’ bubble and never step outside of their home town, their social circle of shitty friends, or their thoughts and ideas.

8. I realize I’m not like most people.

9. Working on yourself is the real key to success.

10. Your thoughts really do become things.  If you don’t believe me, you’re a douchebag – look it up.

11. I brush at least twice a day and floss every night.

12. I take a photo of myself everyday to see how I age.

13. I do 11 squats and 11 pushups morning and night to practice consistency.

14. I track all of my income and expenses each month, as well as a balance sheet to track my net worth.

15. I take my priorities and I make them a priority.

16. I spend 25% of my time learning.

17. I eat healthy because I want to live a long life.

18. If you don’t face your fears they will haunt you forever.

19. I spend time outdoors in the sun.

20. I live in warm weather because living in cold weather is fuckin’ stupid.

21. When you want something but are scared, you need to take action. This is where growth happens.

22. Comfort challenges are the fastest way to do this.

23. If you can’t deal with negative opinions of others, or people not “getting you”, then you should do nothing with your life.

24. You can learn something from everything that happens to you – good or bad.

25. I don’t check the weather.

26. I don’t watch the news.

27. I don’t own a TV or subscribe to cable.

28. I don’t drink soda, eat candy, or consume fast food.  If you do, you are retarded.

29. Mainstream anything is complete and utter bullshit that makes you a numb, dumb consumer who doesn’t question anything.

30. You only find good information when you seek out good information.

31. When you ask shitty questions, you get shitty answers.  Start asking better questions.

32. If you think the government will save you, help you, or owes you anything, you’re weak.

33. If you what I say scares you, toughen up.

34. If you’re not living your life by your own rules you’re living it by someone else’s.

It’s time to step up!

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