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How I Traveled to the Middle East for Free – All Because I Asked, “What Language Are You Speaking?”… and, How I’m Moving to Florida in 14 Days With No Money [Podcast]

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I'm a location-independent entrepreneur, passionate about life-long learning & personal development. Co-founder @ LLC University. Spiritual vantage point. Systems-thinker. Read more about me here: More details.

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  1. Damn, would you say you made some financial mistakes while building up those debts, what would you do differently to avoid stacking up those debts or do you feel those debts have been essential parts of your growth?
    Great track btw :)

    • Hey Anthony, great questions man !

      I made a video reply here:

      But in short…

      1. Did I Make Mistakes?

      I don’t use the words “mistakes” as I think everything is a an opportunity to learn something new. I would not recommend to others what I am doing though, unless they are very calculated with their finances & have a serious game plan.

      2. What Would I Do Differently?

      Get a part-time job sooner than I did (didn’t work for 11+ months) & start tracking monthly financials, like an Income Statement and Balance Sheet as soon as possible.

      3. Do I Feel Like These Debts Have Been a Part of My Growth?

      Yes, but I think of it more as a part of my “journey”. More details in video.

      Thanks for the great questions Anthony :)

  2. Way to have the courage to pursue your passions, keep us updated. Sendin love!

    • Hey Chris !

      Much thanks for the support :)

      “Success” is a very interesting thing..

      I realized how it’s socially uncool to not be successful. And it’s only cool to “have reached it.”

      I think that’s bullshit.

      I think “success” if over-glorified, and I figured, the hell with it – I’m documenting my journey there, and showing people that “success” is a mindset, and a way of life!

      Thanks again :-)

  3. Hey Matt, awesome message. I am right there with you. Just make that shit happen. I’m struggling with getting out of my box and beginning to make things happen for myself. First step is quitting the MBA program that I think is boring and hate doing and move to Southern Cali. I’m just going to find a way to make things work. Keep it up, man.

    • Hey Rachel, glad you’re diggin’ it & it sounds like your getting ready to make some awesome changes !!

      Check out creative live (the have great free education with all kinds of cool business and online stuff):

      These will be the most important words for you:
      “Self-Directed Education”

      An MBA is frankly a huge waste of time and money… real world practical knowledge is what we need to spend out time accumulating. Resources for this stuff are ever abundant. Set an intention and start digging.

      Check out the book “Mastery”, by Robert Greene. It’s so solid. Email me if you want to borrow it.

      I’m in sunny South Florida now. There’s no point of living in cold, shitty weather.

      Follow your curiosity & passions. You’ll make it happen. We are adapting machines.

      Rock it !!

  4. Keep up the great work, Matt! Thanks for sharing amazing experiences! You inspire and motivate!

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