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be willing to feel awkward

If you are really into your own personal development and your own growth, then most importantly, you need to be doing new things.  Yes, it is important to read new things and stop by new websites, but in this context, I am talking about physical things.  You.  Your body.  The tangible world.  Physicality.

You need to get out into the world (whatever that means for you) and do new shit.

Feel Awkward

If you start to feel anxiety/fear/uncomfortableness/etc, either when you think about this, or before you are about to do something that you really want to do, that is a GOOD THING!

Do you know what that is?

That is _______________.

Yup, blank.

Some call is Resistance, some call it negative energy, some call it your “crap”, some call it opposing forces, etc.

What’s more important than pigeon-holing (or pin-pointing) it into a word or definition, is that you are able to identify that feeling in your body.

When you are about to grow (that’s what happens when you leave your comfort zone), there are lots of things which try and hold you back.

That feeling you get before hand is all that Resistance and all that crap trying it’s hardest to hold you back.

If for one second you think this shit isn’t real, then you’re kidding yourself.



This is why doing physical comfort challenges is the best way to crush this stuff.  You literally are transmuting and transforming that energy into something positive.

When you take action you break through all those fears, you teach Resistance a lesson.  You crush that crap, and in doing so, you experience instantaneous growth.

This is why it is okay to feel awkward and uncomfortable when trying something new or going after something you really want.  If you weren’t scared, there probably wasn’t that much growth in the situation.

The more fear, anxiety, negative mind-chatter, and uncomfortableness you feel before you are about to do a comfort challenge (stepping outside your comfort zone), the better.  It signifies the amount of growth that awaits on the other side.  The other side of you taking action.


Note: take this in context.  Translate words I use above into your life and into your unique situation.  Don’t find a definition or a phrase to argue with (and make excuses).  Know that if you are consciously and purposefully trying to grow, and aiming to become a more authentic you, you must be willing to feel uncomfortable, scared, awkward, and lots of other crap in order to grow.

Oh, and on top of that, people will think you’re stupid.  Many will make fun of you.  Some won’t even understand what it is you’re doing.  That’s okay.  You’re doing this shit for you.  Not for anyone else.

Move in the direction you WANT to.  Even if it scares the hell out you.

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