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Embarrass yourself

Today’s podcast was inspired by one of my friends, Oliver, in response to my Comfort Challenges video.  Oliver has asked for some simple and effective ways that he could embarrass himself.  You ask, why would he want to do that?

It is my belief that the fear of rejection and the fear of embarrassment are what hold the majority of people back from what they deeply and truly want in life.  So many time in the past have I not spoken up, not taken action, not followed my gut feeling… because I was afraid.  I was afraid that I would look stupid.  I was afraid I would loose credibility.  I was afraid I would feel like an outcast.  After many of years, I became sick and tired of the fact that I was not taking action and doing the things necessary to bring me closer to the things I desired.  I was not doing the things that I wanted to do.

I began to take part in “comfort challenges” – exercises designed to place me in highly uncomfortable social situations for the sake of personal development.  To overcome fear.  To condition myself to never let anyone or anything hold me back from what I deep in my core, truly want to do, accomplish, or become.  I made a personal commitment to never-ending growth and personal development and comfort challenges are a great vehicle.

I recommend adding “comfort challenges” and “public embarrassment” to your suite of tools.  Conditioning yourself to overcome the fear of rejection and the fear of embarrassment is a powerful thing.

Get out there and start conquering those fears.  Start conquering that dialogue that is not serving you.  I hope you enjoy the podcast and I hope you are inspired to take action !

Thanks Oliver!

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