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Could You Be Denying Your Expansion ?


Video Transcript:

What’s up folks! Matt Horwitz, I hope you’re doing well!

Look, I just had this – I was brushing my teeth – and had this idea pop in my head.

I just threw on the microphone, busted out the tripod, and wanted to tell you about the… the realization I had about… [hmmm.. thinking] – ‘the realization I had about fear’ is the first word that came up, but it’s not just this realization I had about fear, because fear is this ever…

…amorphous, ever-growing, ever-changing, always constant, always there – but, we can use it as a catalyst – because if you use your fear as a sign for a growth, it’s always there to guide you and push you into the next step.

But if you suppress it, if you ignore it – you’re basically denying your expansion, you’re denying your growth.

And that was the epiphany.. That was the epiphany: that denying fear… pushing away fear, pretending that… oh, you have a desire mixed with in a fear, and you’re not going to take action because you make up an excuse. You make up some bullshit. You make up an excuse.

As soon as you do that, you deny your own expansion.

And look, if you’re not interested in growing, if you’re not interested in becoming… reaching your “potential”, your definition of “success” – (whatever that is for you) – look, if you’re not interested in that stuff, then just stop this video and go on doing something else.

But if you’re interested in… in growing, in learning, and becoming who… expressing yourself in more ways, experiencing life in deeper… experiences. (repeating)… “experiencing life in deeper experiences LOL” … you know what I’m talking about ;)

If you’re down for growing, you can’t deny the fears.

“You deny the fears, you’re denying your expansion.”

Hope you guys are doing well. Keep moving forward, keep following your passions, and use fear as your friend.



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I'm a location-independent entrepreneur, passionate about life-long learning & personal development. Co-founder @ LLC University. Spiritual vantage point. Systems-thinker. Read more about me here: More details.

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  1. I like that message. When I feel fear, I become aware of that and know that whatever stimulates the fear is exactly what I have to face.

    • “I know that whatever stimulates fear is exactly what I have to face.”
      -Aaron Nunez

      I’m quoting on you that one man!! What an AWESOME observation dude – much thanks for chiming in :)

  2. Heya Matt, I love your videos and they’re always going to be relevant. Especially to me now as I’ve dropped out of university, I went because I didn’t know what to do rather than wanting to do it. I’ve dropped out of formal education but certainly not education. I don’t know what my passions are but I’m being really productive with my time by reading entrepreneurial books and doing my own research and then I’m going travelling to Australia to get some awesome life experiences.
    Not to sure why I’ve posted this but why the hell not haha!
    Hope you’re having a good day :)

    • Hey Ant – post anything you want, anytime! It’s a place where like-minded people can share ideas, thoughts, goals, and cool stuff :)

      Have you heard this quote… “Formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune.” Love that one!

      Keep it up with all the books and real-world experiential learning!

      Nowadays, it all about consuming a lot of valuable digital content – audio programs, seminars, online training (check out – free college courses!), audiobooks, etc.

      Here are some of the books I’ve read:

      Hit me up if want any more recommendations (I need to update that list). I also have a TON of audiobooks and ebook I can “let you borrow” ;) – Just drop me an email anytime!

      Keep rockin’!! – When you heading to Australia ?

      • I’ve got a cheeky feeling thats from my favourite role model Jim Rohn!
        I love his way of speaking, it really clicked with me and he’s opened my mind to what can be done.
        Wow that college website looks awesome, I’m definitely chucking that into my schedule and you know what I’ve actually read a few of those book (well 2), the 4hww and think and grow rich (I never did find out what the secret was). Only read them recently mind.
        You’re absolutely fantastic, if it’s alright I’d love to borrow those books for a little while and I’ll devour them all while I’m in Oz. I leave to Oz in early november, if the visa comes through in time I’ll be gone by November 5th for a year then who knows what after that.
        I’ll leave you with something I find scary that I’m doing daily now and that is chat to the first 3 strangers I conveniently can everyday, surprisingly scary but equally rewarding.
        Keep up the great work xD

        • Wow man… 1 Year is a great amount of time for traveling !!

          And dude, speaking to 3 strangers daily is a great, and very rewarding challenge.

          I have a great video (and blog post) hitting the blog in the next week or two all about increasing conversation skills… think you’ll like it!

          Shoot me an email and let me know what books you’re interested in (or topics.. or things you want to do/learn/accomplish), or if there is something on my list that you like, just let me know. If I have the ebook or audiobook, I’ll zip it over to ya !

          p.s. Think & Grow Rich is a book to be mastered. I first read it about 5 years ago. I re-read it a few months back and it was completely different.

          The ‘secret’ will reveal itself in time. Don’t loose faith, and always move forward. As long you never stop learning, it’ll come ;)

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