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I’m Getting on that Fucking Bus

________________________________________________________________________________ The alarm is set for 7am. It abruptly wakes me up from a disturbing dream. The kind where you don’t remember any of the details – just the feeling. I shower, eat, pack my bags, and walk to the bus station 20 minutes away. I arrive and ask a girl where the bus to Tel Aviv is. She points …

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I took a Leap

(Sorry about the wind in the video) On August 5th, 2012 I flew to Israel for a 10-day trip from Birthright. I was originally going to extend the trip from the 15th to the 23rd, but a few days ago, I quit my part-time job back in the states and I extended my ticket until November 2nd. This may sound a …

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The world is meant to be traveled

My girlfriend, myself, and our two cats (Enzo & Shanti) are driving from FL to PA in less than 24 hours and this is what our living room currently looks like: Besides the fact that our place is a mess, we’re not packed, we still have furniture to sell, and we’ve never driven cross-country with cats – I’d like to …

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