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Stop Giving Away Your Power!

You can [listen] to this post: What you can hear above, just written out: >> MATT: Hey folks! what’s happening? Hope you’re well. Did you ever hear somebody tell you this? “Oh yeah, but he’s so talented” or, but you know “you’re young that’s why you can do that,” or “you’re old that’s why you can do that,” or “you …

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Important Stuff – It’s Time To Step The Fuck Up!

Click here to download the MP3 of me reading this post, or click play below and listen. I just got an email from someone I used to work with: “Hey Stranger. How are you. I see your in Florida now. I want your life. You travel so much. What’s your secret?” My reply was this:  Simple secret: I figure out …

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Ownership & The Power of Investing in Yourself – (motivating podcast)

Investing in ourselves via podcasts, blogs, audiobooks, seminars, and traveling is the best thing we can do for ourselves. Think about this…. everyone in life desires certain things & experiences… to be more healthy, to have an impact in the world, to travel & explore, to start something meaningful, to make more money, to have awesome & fulfilling relationships, etc… …

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The #1 Secret Mindset to Creating Your Ideal Lifestyle & Why It’s Costing Me Over $600 to Come Clean About Shit I Did 7 Years Ago [podcast]

In this podcast I cover some great topics & share the #1 secret mindset for creating your ideal lifestyle. This alone will put you on the fast track for “success” You can download this podcast and toss it on your phone, computer, music player, or you can just listen below if you have time. Enjoy :) Yo Email Readers!: If you …

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Embarrass yourself

Today’s podcast was inspired by one of my friends, Oliver, in response to my Comfort Challenges video.  Oliver has asked for some simple and effective ways that he could embarrass himself.  You ask, why would he want to do that? It is my belief that the fear of rejection and the fear of embarrassment are what hold the majority of people …

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