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Notes & Quotes

be willing to feel awkward

If you are really into your own personal development and your own growth, then most importantly, you need to be doing new things.  Yes, it is important to read new things and stop by new websites, but in this context, I am talking about physical things.  You.  Your body.  The tangible world.  Physicality. You need to get out into the …

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there are no mistakes

There are no mistakes in life.  It’s all a beautiful lesson.  Life is a miraculous transformation of you :-) Every “mistake”, every “failure”, and every “screw-up” are really gifts and opportunities in disguise. They help us become aware. They help us learn. They help us grow. Look deeper into your life and the experiences you have had.  Deep within are …

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never change who you are because someone else has a problem with it

  Never change who you are becuase someone else has a problem with it!  What a powerful statement!  Why do we care so much about what others think of us ? It’s fear of criticism. It’s fear of embarrassment. It’s fear of being judged. It’s a lot of fears. Deep down.  It’s a fear of us not accepting who we …

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