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I’m Getting on that Fucking Bus

________________________________________________________________________________ The alarm is set for 7am. It abruptly wakes me up from a disturbing dream. The kind where you don’t remember any of the details – just the feeling. I shower, eat, pack my bags, and walk to the bus station 20 minutes away. I arrive and ask a girl where the bus to Tel Aviv is. She points …

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Mindset of a Creator: And vs. Or, How vs. Can’t, & Will vs. Want

The secret to “success” lies between your ears. I don’t care about how many formulaic, step-by-step processes you know of – If you don’t shift your mindset, you won’t shift your world. Your internal thoughts and external words reflect your beliefs. If you shift your thoughts and words, you can re-frame your beliefs. You can remove the stagnant, archaic, disempowering …

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Traveling in Israel, updates, and photos from the trip

Some of you who keep an eye on the blog and my youtube channel may know that I’m currently traveling in Israel until November 2012. I’ll fly back to PA on November 2nd, get braces (have been needing these for a while now), and then head down to Miami so I can live in warm weather. So a lot has …

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Dude, you’re making us look bad

I traveled to Rishon Le Zion (in Israel) tonight to attend a friend’s BBQ. It was a great experience.  I arrived early so I could have some time to connect with my friend and her family. Along with her little sister, my friend and I went food shopping for her family. My friend speaks pretty good English, but her sister (7 …

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I took a Leap

(Sorry about the wind in the video) On August 5th, 2012 I flew to Israel for a 10-day trip from Birthright. I was originally going to extend the trip from the 15th to the 23rd, but a few days ago, I quit my part-time job back in the states and I extended my ticket until November 2nd. This may sound a …

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