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The Importance of Hustle

The importance of hustle and hard work

January 30th, 2014 Hey folks, Hope you’re well! I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me.. I’ve been more quiet these past few months, focused on what I need to build.  Not so talkative. I had a nice meal of fish, vegetables, and figs this evening and watched a video that really got my blood pumping!! I …

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People Think You’re Boring… Because They Don’t Know What Your Building

Email readers: link to video Ever find yourself on the weekend, in the zone, working on a project, working on your business, working on your art, working on your creations… and friends, family, people you know, tell you that you’re boring (because you’re always working)? I had this happen recently. A friend of mine, someone told her that she was …

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Step onto the Path

Email readers: click here to see video (or download audio) Video: Audio: To save this audio, Right-click “download”. Transcript: I want you to step up in your life and start to do something epic. Take some action in the direction that scares you, but at the same time, you have a desire to move in that direction. Because once you …

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The Shittiest Mindset People Have

(Email readers: see video here) What I said in the video: What’s happening, folks? Matt Horowitz. Hope you’re well. The Number 1 shittiest mindset I come across all the time; I get emails from people, I unfortunately meet a lot of people, and they say, “I don’t know how to do . . . I don’t know how to rent …

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Education vs. Entertainment & The Compound Effect

Look… basically you need to fuckin’ DECIDE… make a damn decision about the direction you want to take your life and then you need to DO SHIT to move your ship in that direction…. If you’re not seeking out information, and if you’re not directed your own education, YOU’RE GOING TO LOSE…. you’re going to have a hard time. All …

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Stop Giving Away Your Power!

You can [listen] to this post: What you can hear above, just written out: >> MATT: Hey folks! what’s happening? Hope you’re well. Did you ever hear somebody tell you this? “Oh yeah, but he’s so talented” or, but you know “you’re young that’s why you can do that,” or “you’re old that’s why you can do that,” or “you …

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Ray Lewis – What Makes You Grind Everyday?

Why is Ray Lewis a mentor to me? What does he embody that’s so important? What does he stand for in life that makes him so remarkable? Most importantly…. this man’s got heart! Straight up! You can’t help but feel his raw authenticity in his voice. In his facial expressions. In everything this guy lives for. His work ethic and …

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Dude, you’re making us look bad

I traveled to Rishon Le Zion (in Israel) tonight to attend a friend’s BBQ. It was a great experience.  I arrived early so I could have some time to connect with my friend and her family. Along with her little sister, my friend and I went food shopping for her family. My friend speaks pretty good English, but her sister (7 …

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Doing the opposite

There is a great Seinfeld episode called “The Opposite” where George decides to do the opposite of what he usually does. As an example, when George sees a women he is attracted to, he usually does nothing and then regrets it for the rest of the day.  You’ll notice how things changes in the first video below. Here is another …

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