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Go With Your Gut Feeling: Magnus Walker

Magnus Walker Urban Outlaw Follow Your Gut

I’d like to introduce you to a cool guy, Magnus Walker.  I found his story and message inspiring. Straight shooter, smart, goes after what he wants.  Plus, he looks bad-ass with a big beard and dreads, while driving his Porsches. Here is the first video I found, a TEDx talk he gave: Then, here is the 32-min beautiful-shot documentary: Tip: higher …

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Life is Short, Live Your Dream – with Warren & Betsy Talbot

Video: Email readers, check out the [video] interview… Audio: Listen below or [download] the MP3 to take it on the go ! Check out Warren & Betsy’s latest book, “Dream, Save, Do“! Or, swing by their blog, Married With Luggage ! Other Items Mentioned… • The Matrix • “Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer • “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by …

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Ray Lewis – What Makes You Grind Everyday?

Why is Ray Lewis a mentor to me? What does he embody that’s so important? What does he stand for in life that makes him so remarkable? Most importantly…. this man’s got heart! Straight up! You can’t help but feel his raw authenticity in his voice. In his facial expressions. In everything this guy lives for. His work ethic and …

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What Walk off the Earth Taught me About Success

I go through stages in my life of listening to music, and then not lot listening to any music at all. I don’t own any CDs, and my iTunes, which I rarely open, has 160 songs. I guess you can say I’ve been reading a lot – or more specifically, listening to a lot of audiobooks. One day I stumbled …

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