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Same Shit, Different Day

“Same shit, different day” I know you’ve heard this one before. If you have – get the hell out! Seriously, get the hell out! If you don’t want your life to move forward or progress in any way, then you can stay there – this article isn’t written for you. Once you run out of things to talk about You …

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You know what’s scarier than standing up for yourself?

Yes, standing up for yourself and your beliefs can be scary, awkward, and confrontational.  But do you know what is more scary? Living your entire life in fear. Imagine 5 years from now.  What kind of lifestyle will you have?   Will you be okay with living your entire life under the whim and rule of other people’s beliefs and …

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Watch what you say

I recently sent my friend a great blog post that was written by Ash Ambridge of The Middle Finger Project , called The 67 Emotions of Online Success. My buddy wrote back and said the following: “She’s really cool, I was reading some of her stuff earlier. Her writing is great, and very personal. Pretty cool stories. There is one …

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Who have you been talking to?

How do you get motivated? You get motivated by talking to people who inspire you. You get motivated by talking to people who are doing great things with their life. You get motivated by talking to people who are doing really cool things. People who are alive. People who are living their life on their own terms. People who are …

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Is being self-conscious really a bad thing?

This evening I had an interesting epiphany about the word “self-conscious” and in particular, about when people use the phrase “I feel self-conscious”.  I quickly realized that in today’s society, the word self-conscious has a negative connotation – as in, it is wrong for someone else to make you feel self-conscious, and it is a bad thing to feel self-conscious. …

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