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Plowing Forward into Fears – [Needles in My Mouth]

Email readers: click for video Here is a simple message about recognizing when we are scared… When we are avoiding things… Procrastinating. I had cavities I needed to get drilled at the dentist, but I was “avoiding the inevitable”… I got a “nudge” from a friend, and I recognized I was scared. When we know we should do something in …

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Could You Be Denying Your Expansion ?

  Video Transcript: What’s up folks! Matt Horwitz, I hope you’re doing well! Look, I just had this – I was brushing my teeth – and had this idea pop in my head. I just threw on the microphone, busted out the tripod, and wanted to tell you about the… the realization I had about… [hmmm.. thinking] – ‘the realization …

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