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Comfort Challenge

Skydiving at the mall – [comfort challenge]

  Video Transcript: What’s happening folks? Matt Horwtiz – The comfort challenge I’m about to do is not to be a dick. It’s to break societal conditioning and to step outside of the norm. I call this “skydiving”. [Walking over to vending machine] This is pretty high. [Climbs on top of vending machine and lays down in skydive mode] …

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Why I ran 3.3 miles in my underwear – [comfort challenge]

  Video Transcript: Hey folks, Matt Horwitz –, I hope you are doing well!I just got done one of my longest comfort challenges to date. It took me about 33 minutes. I just ran 3.3 miles, a little more than 5km, dressed like this [standing in my underwear]. And no, these aren’t’ running shorts. This is my underwear. This …

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