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Audio Session

Step onto the Path

Email readers: click here to see video (or download audio) Video: Audio: To save this audio, Right-click “download”. Transcript: I want you to step up in your life and start to do something epic. Take some action in the direction that scares you, but at the same time, you have a desire to move in that direction. Because once you …

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Stop Giving Away Your Power!

You can [listen] to this post: What you can hear above, just written out: >> MATT: Hey folks! what’s happening? Hope you’re well. Did you ever hear somebody tell you this? “Oh yeah, but he’s so talented” or, but you know “you’re young that’s why you can do that,” or “you’re old that’s why you can do that,” or “you …

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The #1 Secret Mindset to Creating Your Ideal Lifestyle & Why It’s Costing Me Over $600 to Come Clean About Shit I Did 7 Years Ago [podcast]

In this podcast I cover some great topics & share the #1 secret mindset for creating your ideal lifestyle. This alone will put you on the fast track for “success” You can download this podcast and toss it on your phone, computer, music player, or you can just listen below if you have time. Enjoy :) Yo Email Readers!: If you …

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