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Amazing People

Beat the Struggle – Step Off the Carousel

Prefer Audio?  Download this interview in MP3 format & put it on your phone, computer, music player, or you can just listen below. Yo email readers, there’s a video and a podcast.  Click here to view ’em. Things mentioned during chat (all images are clickable): • Scott’s Blog, Beat the Struggle • Interlaken canyoning videos • Niall Doherty’s Disrupting the Rabblement …

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Ray Lewis – What Makes You Grind Everyday?

Why is Ray Lewis a mentor to me? What does he embody that’s so important? What does he stand for in life that makes him so remarkable? Most importantly…. this man’s got heart! Straight up! You can’t help but feel his raw authenticity in his voice. In his facial expressions. In everything this guy lives for. His work ethic and …

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Featuring a positive badass truly rockin’ his life!

There’s this rockstar guy, who goes by the name of J-Ryze, aka Jason Fonceca.  He is a truly passionate, super intelligent, fuckin’ amazing guy who is doing big things.  I mean it.  His site is not called Ryze for no reason :) Jason’s been through a lot of shit in his life, and even at his “lowest” moments, he’s been …

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