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Unsubscribe From It All and Unclutter Your Mind (video)

unsubscribe from emails unclutter your mind

I was just in bed reading ‘The Tao of Leadership’ by John Heider. It’s his interpretation of the ‘Tao Te Ching’ in the context of leadership. Page 95, passage 48, it’s called ‘Unclutter Your Mind’: “Beginners acquire new theories and techniques until their minds are cluttered are options. Advanced students forget their many options. They allow the theories and techniques …

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Sharpening & Swinging Your Sword

Email readers: link to video Want to download this audio?… Right click and save this MP3. Your Sword If you want to step up and live your life in accordance with your values, your desires and your goals; imagine yourself as a warrior with a sword. There’s always two things you need to be doing… You need to be sharpening your sword, …

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The Shittiest Mindset People Have

(Email readers: see video here) What I said in the video: What’s happening, folks? Matt Horowitz. Hope you’re well. The Number 1 shittiest mindset I come across all the time; I get emails from people, I unfortunately meet a lot of people, and they say, “I don’t know how to do . . . I don’t know how to rent …

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Where Is Your Life Going ?

(Email Readers: see the video) What I said in the video: “What’s happening folks! Matt Horwitz, hope you’re well. You’re a ship, you’re on the fuckin’ ocean, if you don’t have a destination, where do you think you’re going to end up? Bear with me…. I know this analogy seems pretty stupid… But, what’s even stupider is how many people …

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Education vs. Entertainment & The Compound Effect

Look… basically you need to fuckin’ DECIDE… make a damn decision about the direction you want to take your life and then you need to DO SHIT to move your ship in that direction…. If you’re not seeking out information, and if you’re not directed your own education, YOU’RE GOING TO LOSE…. you’re going to have a hard time. All …

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