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Bringing Us Back to Center

bring us back to center
A friend from China sent me this.  It’s meaning is ‘Quiet & Peace.’

I received an email this morning from a friend. She attached the photo at right.

Here is what she wrote…

“This is my favorite character in Chinese. It means quiet and peace.

Writing with my brush really helps me stay calm and patient.”


It’s good to have things in our lives which bring us back to center, which help us quiet our busy brains and focus on stillness.

I find that the universe we live in is filled with paradox… and not just 2 “contradictory” things coexisting together, but multiple.

As I push to move my life forward and stay to my path, I am reminded often that it is necessary to ’embody the feminine’, to yield a bit and relax.

This morning I am practicing doing that.


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