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Get Off the ‘Easy Train’: The Benefits of Hard Work

Get Off the Easy Train: The Benefits of Hard Work

A while back I wrote a post about being careful with the words that we chose, specifically “hard” vs. “challenging”.
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Well, here’s the thing…

In my experience, the universe shows me (via direct experience) how an “opposite” or paradoxical point of view can be valid.

That paradox is this… I now enjoy (even though I previously bashed it) the word “hard”, specifically when talking about hard work, and pursuing worthy endeavors.

Being an Entrepreneur

I find that being an entrepreneur is hard, and it requires you to do hard things.

If it wasn’t hard, than lots of people would do it.

But most don’t.  They chose another path.  Why?

It’s scary.

It requires tons of growth, lots of learning.  You need to “flex muscles” most people don’t even know exist.

You need to work hard.  You need to sacrifice.

You may need to go broke (I did… for well over 2.5 years).

You’ll most likely be confused and doubt yourself all the time (I still do).

You need to learn how to wake up out of desire, not fear (of being late… or of what boss/peers will think).

Building Websites

Think again if you think this shit is easy (no matter what people tell you. Most of them have a product/service to sell, that’s why).

It took me nearly 18 months to build my first website.

It took me 3 years to get good (people now pay me for my skills & expertise).

There are A TON of details.

There are HOURS of work to put in.

There are LOTS of things that “go wrong”.

Oh, a tangental point here… if anything is made “Easy” for you, it’s because someone else is taking care of the details for you.  Most of the time, you don’t know the details… and if you did, you’d realize they are doing it wrong (or not the best way), you’d realize they don’t have your interest top of mind (another person will usually put their interests ahead of yours), or you’d realize you’re being ripped off.

I recommend learn the details yourself first, then delegate to a trusted team member.  Is that easy to do?  No.  It takes time, like pretty much everything else in life.

Waking Up Early

Holy shit!  This took me over 7 years to get down.  7 years.  I’ve been working for myself since I was 20 years old, and I was known as the “snooze king”. Seriously, speak to anyone that knew me then.  They’ll tell you stories of me sleeping through client meetings, real estate settlements, traffic court hearing… pretty much anything.

For almost a year now, I’ve been waking up between 6:30am – 8:00am, with 6:30am being my regular “sweet spot”.


I got more serious with myself.  I realized I no longer have time to “fuck around” (my subconscious believed I could for years, even though I ‘told myself’ I couldn’t).


I tried for A LONG time.

I really desired to fix this.

I struggled for many years.

I didn’t quit.

I gave it time.

Handstands & Backflips

Ego a bit here… but I can do standing backflips and I can walk down stairs on my hands.

I’ve been practicing both since High School.

It’s this easy?  Hell no.

It is scary to learn a backflip?  Hell yes.

Did I really want to acquire these skills?  Hell yes.

Was it worth it.  Of course.

Hard work, my friends, hard work.

Speaking Another Language

I’m still at beginning level Spanish.  I’ve been studying and more importantly, practicing for over 6 years now.

I can’t have deep conversations yet, but I can travel to other countries, live with families that don’t speak English, negotiate purchases, give people directions, and I’ve even hired a Colombian contractor to do repairs on a house.

I’m slowly, but surely making my way to speaking 2 languages.

Working & Traveling in Different Countries

I just got back from Colombia.  I was there for a month.

I have a “base” in South Florida.

I’m in PA now, and then up to New England next week… then NYC.

Then off to India in April for the Rickshaw Run.

There is very little that is “easy” about managing logistics, and managing multiple businesses while traveling abroad.

It is worth it?  Of course.  The lifestyle/freedom is amazing.


If it’s easy to replicate your business model, is it really that solid?

If it was easy to speak a 2nd language, how come more people aren’t bilingual?

If it was easy to be lean, strong and powerful, why are SO many people fat, overweight and slow?



And, that’s a good thing.

When you get off the ‘easy train’ (I don’t know any successful people on the ‘easy train’), look yourself in the mirror, and get real, you’ll soon realize that “hard” is a good thing.  It pays off.

Do the work.


Work on yourself, your life, your growth, and your improvement.

Okay, one more example.  Think of going to a dollar store, and paying a dollar for a plastic cup.  It’s most likely a piece of shit, feels crappy to hold, probably melts in the dishwasher, etc.  Now imagine going to a well-known potter and you purchase a hand-made, high-heat-furnace-blasted, solid-as-a-rock, well-designed coffee mug.  You pay $29.  This thing is solid.  Throw it on the floor… it won’t even break.  It feels great to hold.  It’s your favorite cup.

Which one was easy to make?  Which one was hard?

Which one is more valuable.

I urge you to think of “value”.  Think hard about it.  It’s important.  It has the power to change your life.

Get off the ‘easy train’.

Put it the work.

It pays off.

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