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About Matt

Matt, Chimborazo Volcano, EcuadorLast update: Dec. 25th, 2015

quick bio:
Location-independent entrepreneur, passionate about life-long learning, personal development, adventure, and world travel. Founder at LLC University. Spiritual. Systems-thinker.

I’m currently living in Florida (Tampa Bay area). I’ve also lived in Spain, Canada, and multiple cities in the US.

I’ve traveled a lot in central and south America (Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Ecuador), and have also spent time in Puerto Rico, Spain, and Israel.

I’m currently very heads-down and focused on business growth (company culture and online strategy), and I’ve tucked into a nice routine.

I’ve also dialed in my health and fitness. I cook all of my meals and I haven’t missed a workout in over 14 months.

I’m a growth-focused entrepreneur with a ton of passions.  Although I focus my income-producing energy in 1 area (and 2 secondary areas), I am an extreme generalist in all other areas.

I believe in depth and structure for stability, as well as breadth and flow for expansion.


Walking on my hands, learning about the universe, spirituality, meditation, adventure, reading, speed reading, documentaries, relaxing, photography, videography, gymnastics, acrobatics, parkour, magic, chess, nlp, hypnosis, human behavior, psychology, social dynamics, sub-text communication, body language, masculine/feminine polarities, visualization, curiosity, desire, enthusiasm, the creation proces, digital media, systems-thinking, location-independence, scalability, automation, leverage, copywriting, motivation, life-hacking, wordpress, screenflow, keynote, css, php, html, digital organization, ancient civilizations, philosophy, Leonardo da Vinci, plant medicines, drinking water, bulletproof coffee, early morning rising, podcasting, writing, learning how things work, asking questions, tech entrepreneurship, real estate investing, real estate sales, harnessing power, unconscious processes, leadership, persuasion, influence, seduction, sales, marketing, building wealth, art, typography, ux, design, essential oils, tea, yerba mate, red wine, tantra, reiki, shadow work, outer space, philanthropy, yoga, laughter, fear, extreme sports, backflips, handstands, learning Spanish, micro-to-macro thinking, enjoying life, being happy, self-education, self-directed living, seeking the deeper truths in life, shamanism, mysticism, travel, natal chart astrology, inspiration, the beach, the ocean, the cosmos, energy work, source, going with the flow, kirtan, mantras, inner work, process, integration, Taoism, the pan-american highway, road trips, uncertainty, loa, camping, guitar, piano, open water swimming, hiking, running, trail running, weight training, bouldering, mountaineering, kayaking, healthy cooking, lifestyle design, personal development, creativity, expression, self-growth, challenging oneself on all levels, become a warrior, inspiring/helping others, teaching, speaking, blogging, downstream thinking, evolution, advanced learning techniques, shattering paradigms, unification of knowledge, increasing intensity, and becoming a master.

Types of People I Enjoy

Positive, optimistic, and friendly people. People who are living there lives in beautiful and extravagant ways! People who are courageous, entrepreneurial, interested in learning, curious, adventurous, unique, and talented.

I really enjoy sharing my life perspective and stories and I love learning from others.

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Personal Philosophy

Always do what you are afraid to do, act outside of your comfort zone, smile often and at everyone, go outdoors, find your inner child, give love, seek personal development & spirituality, be friendly, inspire others, and seek joy. Everything is unfolding as it should.  No one really knows what they are doing (you know, here on earth)… we are all figuring it out. Sometimes our egos trick us into thinking that we know.  Many identify themselves with their things, their accomplishments, and their experiences.  Digging deep and increasing my self-awareness are important to me. I am passionate about traveling, personal growth, spiritual development/experiences, and things alike.


Probably my #1 value.  I assimilate books, digital content, blogs, audiobooks, videos, online courses, people, summits, masterminds, seminars, retreats, traveling, always asking questions, digging deep, real world experience, and travel. I am very much into self-education.  Although college was a positive experience, I didn’t really pay much attention in classes that were too ‘conceptual’ and ‘theory-based’. There were 6 classes that had a big impact on my life though. They were Public Speaking, Negotiations, Corporate Law, Real Estate Law, Spanish, & The Universe. Again, the rest were too “academia/conceptual” (and therefore I don’t remember much of it).  I’m all about real world/actionable/tangible/practical knowledge, meshed with taking action!

Book Recommendations

You can check out the books I’ve read by clicking here.


Abraham, The Cosmos, The Secret, Diarios de Motocicleta, What the Bleep do we Know?!, Miyamoto Musashi Documentary, The Way of The Peaceful Warrior, Rocky, Ram Dass – Fierce Grace, Wayne Dyer’s The Shift – Finding Your Life’s Purpose, Woody Allen: A Documentary.

Places I’ve Traveled

Barbados, Canada, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, England, Israel, Mexico, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Spain, and various places throughout the United States.  

Amazing Things I’ve Done

Skydiving, hang gliding, volcano boarding in Nicaragua, repelling down waterfalls in Ecuador, visiting hot springs in Costa Rica, and learning how to brush my teeth with my left hand ;)


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An Evolution…

This page is always evolving. I will update it from time to time.

Thank you for reading.